Learn the Secret to Getting in Shape that Gyms, Nutritionists, and Supplement Companies Don't Want You to Know

It's not about the workout you do, the diet you follow, or the fat burning pills you're taking (which, by the way, don't actually burn fat).

Want to know what the TRUE Secret to healthy, fit, energetic living actually is?

Keep reading and you'll learn exactly what tools you need to get on the fast track to better health, more energy, slimming down, adding lean muscle, and ultimately leading a happier, more meaningful life...and it's NOT what you think.

"Forget about every diet and workout program you've tried that hasn't worked. There is a better, simpler way."

Dear Friend,

This fitness lifestyle thing can be hard. Trust me, I know firsthand.

I used to be unhappy, and extremely unhealthy.

I was 60 lbs overweight, an avid cigarette smoker and heavy drinker in college, and lacked the confidence and energy to take steps to reach goals I set out for myself.

With all the gyms, pills, nutrition programs, and tips spouted on social media, it's tough to discern a 'quick-fix' product or service from what really works.

I know it feels like you have hundreds of options when it comes to choosing a training and nutrition program -- and you've probably even tried a bunch of them before you stumbled across this page. (Thank you for reading this, by the way. I truly appreciate your time.)

Believe it or not, I know your story: You don't have a ton of time to train. You take care of everyone but yourself. You've tried different products or gym challenges in the past and they worked...for a few weeks until you started to fall back on old habits.

I get it. No matter what type of training or workout routine you try, nothing seems to work.

Bootcamps. Weight Loss Challenges. CrossFit. BeachBody Videos. Large Group Fitness Classes. You've tried them, and what little results you do get never tend to stay (...if you even get results at all). 

And let's not even get into nutrition... Ketogenic. Paleo. Weight Watcher Meetings. Intermittent Fasting. 5 Small Meals per Day. Seems like you've tried a bunch of these as well, without lasting, long-term success. 

And what about supplements? All the pills, potions, and cleanse kits you've spent money on made your wallet slimmer, but did nothing for your wasteline. 

I know what you're thinking...

"If I've tried every workout program under the sun, all kinds of diets, and every supplement and nothing works, then what will?"

Glad you asked. But before we go any further, I need you to do something for me. Forget about every diet and workout program you've tried that hasn't worked. There is a better, simpler way. 

It's called the PIT Method and it consists of the:

  • "Easy 8" Nutrition Cheat Sheet
  • "Savage 6" Exercise Program Cheat Sheet
  • "Core 4" Recovery Cheat Sheet
  • 60-minute, 1-on-1 meeting that will give you a simple and practical approach to help you start living your best life immediately.

This personal, 1-on-1 meeting is guaranteed to give you a blueprint (complete with simple action steps) you can use today to start finally seeing results from your fitness journey, feeling more energetic each and every day, and creating a positive mindset that will help you build your best life - from the ground up.

[PIT Method Step 1] Realizing that you are NOT broken. You are not the problem. You are not broken. The system you're using is. Maybe working out and eating right feels like a chore rather than something you enjoy. Maybe you've been following a training program or nutrition advice that is not necessarily suited for you, your goals, or your body type. (Remember, just because your friend got great results from a specific program doesn't mean it's the perfect one for you.)

What if: I told you that you already have everything you need to succeed deep inside you? What if you were actually given a series of simple action steps that gave you a clear picture of what you're really after and a road map of how to get there? Would you jump at the opportunity? Aren't you tired of playing the fitness guessing game and not seeing results?

[PIT Method Step 2] Figuring out the REAL reason you want to get healthy. Many of us attach our fitness goals to physical changes, however if we don't change our mindset to root our "why" to a more meaningful purpose, the physical changes tend to be temporary and you'll feel like you're taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. (Sound familiar?) I'll help you find the real reasons behind your desire to become healthier and more fit even if you don't know what they are yet, The best part? Once yu know them, the results will stick for the rest of your life.

What if: I showed you a fast, 5-step process that will uncover the TRUE reason why you'd like to get in shape and improve your life that will guarantee results (even if YOU don't know what it is yet)? Once you learn this information, the results no longer be temporary and will come at record pace.

[PIT Method Step 3] Ceating simple, daily habits for YOUR personal goals. Ever feel like trying to become healthier makes your head spin? Trying to figure out what to eat, how much water to drink, how many carbs to eat, or if you need supplements. It can all be so overwhelming that it makes it tough to keep track of everything you need to do...if you can actually stick with it. And, to make matters worse, what works for others may not work for you - so how are you supposed to know where to start? Not only will I tell you, I'll show you.

What if: I'll work with you to figure out the 3 most important habits you should change based on your lifestyle and your personal goals so that you'll get on the fast track to maximum results in minimal time?

What if I wanted to show you these 3 simple steps in a matter of minutes that will change your life the same day you learn them? Sound good? There's MORE. Keep reading.

Dedicated to helping you uncover your best self,

Christopher Lopez Jersey Strength Pit, Owner Jackson, NJ  

"I'm happier, leaner, stronger, empowered, and so much more confident." 

"So Now What?"

The truth is, the your best life is already inside you. You've thought about it. You've visualized it. And now, you just need the right resources and a little direction to pull it out for the world to see.

Once you realize this and are truly ready to make a change, you're ready for our exclusive 3-step lifestyle program, the PIT Method, and we at the Jersey Strength Pit traning facity are ready to welcome you with open arms to do our part in helping you get there.

During your in-depth PIT Method Meeting, you'll get a better, simple-to-implement approach that will lead to improved overall health, less aches and pains, a better relationship with food, more energy, more time to do what you enjoy, and a stronger, more positive outlook on your life in general.

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"I have come farther both physically and mentally one year at the PIT than a lifetime of failed quick fixes and diet plans."

"What Do I Get with the PIT Method & Where Do I Sign Up?"

The PIT Method will allow you to feel your best, drop body fat, inrease energy, speed up metabolism, and build lean muscle and confidence at Ocean County's best kept fitness secret.

Tucked away right off Interstate 195 in Jackson, NJ, we're a small, private gym that specializes in helping a small, select group of people in your exact situation get stronger and healthier from the inside out - all while teaching you to have a little fun and enjoy the process. 

"So, what do I get with the PIT Method and how is it different?"

With the PIT Method, you'll get:

[1] Home-Workout Cheat Sheet. With this quick, do-anywhere workout you'll have the opportunity to get in shape anywhere, even at home! 

[2] "Easy 8" Nutrition Guide. Created exclusively for you by our nutrition coach, implementing these 8 steps daily will help body fat disappear and increase energy! 

[3] Recovery Cheat Sheet. Recovery from workouts is just as important as the workout itself. Use these 6 movements to improve mobility and your body's ability to recover.

[But, perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT thing you'll get with the PIT Method is:]

[4] A Personal, One-on-One 60 minute meeting with the Head Coach at the PIT Gym where he will personally help you:

  • Discover what is REALLY stopping you from reaching your goals. Without knowing this crucial piece of information, you'll never find a workout, nutrition, or supplement program that will work for you.
  • Find your TRUE motivation on why you'd like to live a happier, healthier life. Before jumping to a training or nutrition program, you need to know why you're doing it. If you don't you'll continue to fail no matter what workout or nutrition habits you try to create.
  • Implement a SECRET "Mind Trigger Method" that will help you get refocused instantly when you get side-tracked from your goals.
  • Create DAILY action steps that align with your motivation and personal goals. Remember, just because a specific approach is working for someone you know doesn't mean it will necessaily work for you, your body type, and your lifestyle.  

[5] A FREE Follow-Up appointment with the PIT Gym's Head Coach to make sure you're on track with the game plan we've set up for you! 

Sounds good right? Are you ready? We're ready for you!

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"If you want to put yourself on a new path forward and are tired of the same old gym, this is the place to be."

Owner/Coach Christoper Lopez

"Who Will I Be Meeting With?"

Published Author and Coach Christopher Lopez is the Owner/Operator of the Jersey Strength Pit in Jackson, NJ. While the Pit has been open since 2012, Chris has been coaching since 2003 in gyms across central New Jersey.

He's trained Student Athletes of all levels, MMA Athletes, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Military Personnel, and Adults like you looking to take their life to the next level through health and wellness.

His team at the PIT Gym looks forward to empower as many young athletes and adults as they can by using training and proper nutrition as a vehicle to improve one's confidence, health, and quality of life.

His book, "The Parent's Guide to Strength Training for Football" focuses on helping parents understand the importance of strength and conditioning in preparation for football season.



"The change in my life is incredible." 

READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE? We're Ready to Help. 

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