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The Number 1 Key to Success on the Football Field | Best Gym in Jackson

Football Season is right around the corner in Jackson! Summer Football camp starts soon. Will your son be ready? Watch this video, then check out As you know many coaches put stock into speed, strength, toughness, and skill-work, but what is the ONE thing that allows all of these other traits to flourish? PREPARATION. You…

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Best Gym In Jackson | Improve an Athlete’s Upper Body Strength with Only a Towel

Many sports require youth athletes to have a strong grip. In today’s post I cover how athletes like football players and wrestlers can increase upper body pull strength as well as improve their grip, forearm strength and bicep strength. Do you want a simple way to do this with no extra or special equipment? Check this Out!…

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Best Gym in Jackson | How High School Athletes Can Increase Their Bench Press

In today’s video, we will be covering a quick and simple way a Jackson Memorial or Liberty High School athlete can increase their bench press…and it doesn’t just include benching for more sets or reps. Check it out! When we think of the bench press, we think of a ‘chest exercise’ that may only get…

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Best Gym in Jackson | BEST Shoulder Recovery Exercise for Baseball Players

Yo Jackson! In today’s video, we cover what 3 exercises your son or daughter can do before or after baseball (or softball) practices and games. Let’s face it, when playing baseball, your shoulders take quite a hit from throwing…especially if you’re a pitcher or catcher. Do these three exercises for 2 sets of 12-15 each.…

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Best Gym in Jackson | How to Increase Your Child’s Speed (Almost) Immediately

Yo Jackson, hope you’re having a great Saturday! So in today’s blog post we will be covering the KEY to getting your child faster. Here’s a hint – it’s not what you think. Agility Ladders? Nope. Cone Drills? Nope. Fancy Footwork drills? Not exactly. Want to know what “Step 1” to starting to get your son…

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