Finally. A Unique Approach to High School Training and Nutrition to Increase Speed, Strength, Muscle Mass, and Confidence Needed for Sports - All While Reducing the Risk of Injury.

Does your child know exactly how to train for thier sport, position, and current fitness level?

Do they know what to eat to fuel their body, increase strength, and build high-performance muscle mass?

What about if they need to remain healthy while cutting weight?

Do they know what balance of vitamins and minerals they need to be successful on the field or to maintain energy levels in the classroom during long, tiresome sports seasons?

We just won't train them, we'll teach them.
Keep reading.

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Complete Coaching Approach So Powerful
It Will Stay With Your Child Long After They Hang Up Thier Varsity Jacket.

Our High School Program is a Complete Strength and Conditioning Solution for Athletes (Ages 13-18), Guaranteed to Help Them Succeed on and Off the Field. They'll Learn How Strength Training, Eating Properly for Their Body Type and Goals, and the Power of Positive Thinking Can Improve ALL Aspects of Their Life!

"Chris and his team are well qualified to teach and train anyone to be the best that they WANT be. I know I made the right decision for my son Justin.  I recommend the program to every person who wants to listen to him….AND YOU SHOULD…he produces results!"

Lou Martin-Culet, Jackson Memorial Parent

Training + Nutrition + Recovery = Success

As a high school athlete, your child has a small window of opportunity to be successful on the field or mat. If they put the time in and LEARN how to train, eat, and recover they will be successful later in life.

They'll get the opportunity to train with us 3 days per week in small groups which will give them personalized attention and plety of time to recover from workouts.

They'll Learn how to eat properly through the use of a personalized meal plan and phone app so that they can lose body fat and maintain [and even build] muscle and strength quickly.

They'll also learn how to properly warm up and modify workouts so that they recover faster and and still perform at optimal levels even if they have a showcase, clinic, match, or game coming up.

"Why Is the PIT Game Plan Program Different?"

PIT stands for Prepare. Inspire. Transform. These are words we live by. 

Here at the PIT we'll teach them how to Prepare for the rigors of life though weight training with other like-minded athletes.

We'll Inspire them to set goals and reach for them. Win or lose, they will learn the importance of consistency and what it means to get up, dust off, and continue to work hard after failure.

We'll Transform them into young adults who strive for greatness in the gym, classroom, and in life.

It's not just about the workouts. They'll not only learn how to train for their sport, but the importance of exercise and maintaining healthy habits long after athletics are over.

A Moment of TRUTH.

Let's face facts. There are only 4 years for your son or daughter to take full advantage of what high school sports have to offer. If they dream about throwing a perfect game, being a state champ wrestler, or becoming an all-time rushing record holder, there will need to be some structure.

Going to the gym with their buddies and working only on on their biceps and chest simply won't work. They need to be strong.
They need to be explosive.
They need a high level of conditioning.
They need to be confident under pressure.
They need to be a leader that teammates gravitate towards.
They need a complete program that is suited for thier goals.

This means:
They must be challenged physically and mentally.
Training must be programmed an serve a distinct purpose.
Nutrition must be on point to sustain energy levels and fuel the body.
They must learn the power of positive thinking.

If this sounds like your child is looking for a challenge, we'd like them to become part of the PIT Family and train with us.

It will change their life

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Christopher Lopez
Jersey Strength Pit, Owner
Jackson, NJ

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