This Middle School Training and Nutrition Program Will Improve Core Strength, Confidence, and Performance -- in a Fun, Edcuational Environment.

Looking for a fun and challenging environment for your Middle School Athlete?

Is your child looking to get faster and improve quickness before next season?

Does your child need help developing upper body, lower body, and core strength in a safe, educational environment?

Does your child want to learn how to workout with others their age so that they can increase their confidence?

Is your child looking to looking to make the starting lineup in high school?

Keep reading and we will personally teach how strength training can not only improve their game, but help them become better, more confident individuals.

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A Youth Athlete Coaching Approach So Powerful It Will Help Them in All Aspects of Life.

The Middle School Training Program for Athletes (Ages 10-13), is Guaranteed to Help You Child Succeed on and Off the Field. They'll Learn How Training with Their Peers, Eating Properly, and the Power of Positive Thinking Can Improve ALL Aspects of Their Life!

"My son has been training at the Pit since November 2013. Since then I have noticed that he is more self confident. Andrew is a baseball player and he has noticed better performance on the field. He is faster, stronger and has more endurance. The team at The Pit continues to work with him to achieve his individual goals."

Lisa Connallon, 9ers Baseball Parent

Challenge + Education + Fun = Success

As a middle school athlete, your child has a chance to get better at the sports they love. If they learn the 'hows and whys' behind exercise and proper eating, they will be well better suited to compete at higher levels in the future.

They'll get the opportunity to train with us in small groups which will give them personalized attention and plety of time to recover from workouts.

They'll Learn how to eat properly through the use of a personalized meal plan and phone app so that they can lose body fat and maintain [and even build] muscle and strength quickly.

They'll also learn how to properly warm up and modify workouts so that they recover faster and and still perform at optimal levels even if they have a showcase, clinic, match, or game coming up.

"Why Is the PIT Pups Program Different?"

It's not just about the workouts. Here at the PIT we'll teach them not only how to train for their sport, but the importance of exercise and maintaining healthy habits long after athletics are over.

A Moment of TRUTH.

Ages 10-13 are some of the best years of any kid's life. They get to test out different sports to see which ones they excel at. They get to play simply for the love of the game. And they don't have to take life too seriously before high school or college hits. Once high school hits, sports are a bit more serious and once college comes around they are a way of life. The best thing any parent can do is start the process now and invest in something that keeps consistency in their child's life, long after sports are over.

I'm talking about...
Starting the process in becoming strong young adults.
Learning to become a team player.
Learning to become the leader that teammates gravitate towards.
...and having fun while doing it.

If this sounds like something your child needs help with, we'd like them to become part of the PIT Family and train with us for the next 6 weeks.

It will change their life

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Christopher Lopez
Jersey Strength Pit, Owner
Jackson, NJ

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